If the fire alarm sounds or you are otherwise notified to evacuate the building, exit via the stairwells. Exit at Floor 1 and rendezvous with your employees Pinnacle Professional Building. Ensure all employees and visitors are accounted for.

Please do not call the Management Office to ask if an alarm is real. Unless your office has been notified in advance by the Management Office via memo or phone call, if you hear an alarm, you can assume there is an emergency in the building and should evacuate immediately. Building maintenance and emergency personnel will silence the alarm as soon as the emergency situation is under control. False fire alarms occur from time to time. The Management Office is unaware of whether an unexpected alarm is an actual alarm or false alarm. This determination is not made until the source of the alarm is investigated by a maintenance engineer. Assume that all unannounced alarms are true alarms and proceed with evacuating your staff and visitors.  

A floor warden is assigned to each floor of the building to support tenants and visitors during evacuations and other emergency situations. Floor wardens are trained volunteers and are identifiable by their orange vests. In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions of the floor warden.